51 UFO Sightings In New Jersey In 2018: Find Out Where

New Jersey is not known as a "UFO" hotspot. But if you listen to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), you may feel otherwise. New Jersey had 51 reported sightings of strange objects in 2018, including repeated strange sightings in Lakewood and Brick, plus reports from Montclair, Fort Lee, Middletown, Berkeley Township and elsewhere.

The most recent sighting reported to NUFORC was Dec. 10 in South Amboy, when one observer saw a bright linear light that quickly disappeared. "There was an object in the sky flying oddly. I would say it was hovering for a bit before it started zooming around. Very odd," an anonymous observer said when they reported a UFO sighting on Montclair on Nov. 14.

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Credit: Tom Davis, Patch -- January 2, 2019

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