A Plan For ET Arrival – Raelians Ask The UN to Develop a Diplomatic Plan

The controversial UFO religious group known as the Raelian Movement are calling on the United Nations to help them in their quest to build an embassy for extraterrestrial visitors. The strange request came via a press release issued by the organization on Tuesday. In the statement, an official with the group claims that the Raelians "have been in negotiations for the past year" with an unnamed nation that will allow the religious order to build their long-proposed 'safe space' for visiting ETs.

With the proverbial groundbreaking on the embassy purportedly set to occur soon, the group has declared that "it is now time to ask the United Nations to get involved." Specifically, they are hoping for the creation of an international conference in which participating countries can "discuss a new protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations" with impending ET visitors in mind. The Raelians cite what they claim is a growing amount of interest from a number of nations allegedly yearning to speak freely about aliens and the implications their arrival may have on civilization.

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By Tim Binnall, Coast To Coast AM / Raelian Movement Press Release

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