Alien Contact Predictions of Billy Meier

Eduard “Billy” Meier is arguably one of the most controversial figures in the UFO and extraterrestrial field. It is perhaps no understatement to say he is the contemporary version of George Adamski, the alleged contactee from the late-1950s and 1960s. Although many viewed Adamski as a hoaxer, and even his most ardent supporters would claim some of the later “sightings” were stretching the truth, many believe his initial information was genuine.

It would appear that many see Meier in a similar light. Not only have some of his earlier claims been revisited with the advancement of technology, some of the seemingly bizarre “predictions” (which he would state was simply information given to him by an alien race) are pretty close to the mark. Some, however, remain suspicious of Meier, and the information he is passing along. Perhaps due to his claims of being a “reincarnation” of past prophets, many view his revelations as an attempt to turn the study of UFOs into nothing more than another religion.

While we are not going to concentrate too much on his apparent sightings here, we will look at some of the information his “regular contacts” have allegedly given to him and where it fits in our world almost two decades into the twenty-first century. The short video below features Meier speaking in 2016.

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