Australian Brothers Witnessed UFO’s in Conflict Before Crash in 1980

Nearly 40 years ago, Phil Tindale believes he witnessed what can only be described as an air battle between two UFOs — which ended with one crashing to earth.

It was about 9.30 pm on Thursday, February 7, 1980, and he was at home in the South Australian town of Aldgate when his twin brother Rob called out from his bedroom, "Phil, come and check this out." From their window looking down the valley towards Stirling, about 20 minutes southeast of Adelaide, the 10-year-olds saw a bright yellow object "bobbing around" just above the tree line, about 1km away.

After a few minutes, Phil says a second, slightly larger object appeared emitting a red light. In what he describes as almost cartoon-like motion, it "zoomed up" to the yellow object, stopped and reversed, then did it again "as if to prompt a reaction".

The yellow object then "took off" with the red object in pursuit. They zigzagged across the sky like two "blowflies", changing direction instantly with no apparent inertia and covering distances he later estimated to be up to half a kilometer in less than a second.

Throughout the "chase", which Phil says lasted several minutes, the yellow object would periodically stop in mid-flight and shake back and forth "as if caught by some invisible force" before freeing itself.

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Credit: Frank Chung, – Video: Erin Burnett, CNN

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