Bernie Sanders Says He'll Tell the Public About UFOs if Elected President - Video

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders became the latest politician to be asked about the UFO phenomenon and provided a rather tantalizing answer. The exchange occurred during the Vermont senator's recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. Following an hour-long conversation centered around his campaign for president, Rogan wrapped up the interview with a somewhat surprising question about UFOs.

"If you got into the office," Rogan asked, "and you found out something about aliens, if you found out something about UFOs, would you let us know?" In response, Sanders said with a chuckle "my wife would demand that I let you know" and explained that she had pressed him for answers about the phenomenon in the past. "She goes, Bernie," he recalled, "'What is going on? Do you know? Do you have any access?"

Unfortunately, Sanders indicated that he does not have that elusive access to UFO answers. To his credit, Rogan put forward the initial question again and the senator promised that, if elected president and he is told something about the phenomenon, "I’ll be on the show, we’ll announce it on the show."

For those keeping score at home, Sanders becomes the third Democratic presidential candidate to weigh in on the UFO phenomenon this election cycle, following Seth Moulton and Andrew Yang. Perhaps even more intriguing than that may be that this is actually the second time that Sanders has been asked about UFOs and represents something of a change in stance as, back in 2016, he dismissed the phenomenon and gave the impression that he had no interest in the subject.

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Credit: Tim Binnall, Coast To Coast AM with George Noory; Video: JRE Clips

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