Black Triangle UFO Over New Lambton Heights, Australia in 1999

Dean "Vern" Garner has kept a secret for 20 years. He thinks about it often, but hardly speaks about it because he has no proof.

"It was 1999, around November. It was a hot, crystal clear night. You could see the stars. There was no breeze," he said. He was living on Grandview Road at New Lambton Heights on top of a ridge. That night, he was having a barbecue. At about 11pm, he was outside talking to a mate about the forthcoming new year. Suddenly, they could see "what appeared to be a fire, down low behind trees".

They also thought it could be lightning. "Then the orange light started to rise up. It rose above the eucalyptus trees," he said. "We could see it coming towards us. I said, 'we’re about to find out what this thing is'. "We were absolutely stunned. I said 'what the hell is that?'. This thing was coming towards us at no more than 25km/h.

"It was about 30 meters high, just above the tallest eucalyptus tree. "As it approached us, the hairs on our neck and arms stood up. We were in deep shock. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing."

A massive triangular-shaped craft flew above them. "It was traveling so low, you could have thrown a rock and hit it. It was directly above our heads," he said. "As we stood underneath it, there was no doubt what it was. We knew straight away it was an alien craft from another planet. There’s nothing like that on our planet.

"I never thought I’d see a UFO in my life. It seemed to take a minute for the whole craft to pass over our house."

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By Damon Cronshaw, The Newcastle Herald Video: The Washington Post - YouTube

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