Flying Saucer Sighting in Argentina

A couple in Argentina were left scratching their heads when they were admiring some photos from a weekend getaway and spotted what appears to be a flying saucer in one of the images. The intriguing photograph was reportedly taken as the duo, identified only as Franco and Lucrecia, were en route to the city of Cachi in the northern part of the country for a few days of rest and relaxation. During the drive, the couple were admiring the picturesque view from the highway and snapped a number of photos of the scenery.

Upon arriving at their hotel that night, Franco and Lucrecia looked over the images and were astounded to see that one of the photos seems to feature a UFO on the horizon sporting the classic flying saucer shape often reported in the past. According to the pair, they never noticed anything out of the ordinary in the sky during their drive and could not explain what the oddity might have been. Some subsequent investigation by the couple led them to discover that this particular region of Argentina where the photo was taken is known as UFO 'hot spot' of sorts.

With that in mind, the couple decided to share the image and their story with some UFO groups in their country. As is often the case with such photos, opinions are largely split into two camps with some suggesting that, indeed, it is a genuine flying saucer. Meanwhile, skeptical observers argue that the 'UFO' is probably something prosaic such as a bug or, failing that, a well-produced hoax. What's your take on the possible flying saucer photograph?

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