Giant UFO Over California Seen by More Than 100 Witnesses

The object could have been taken for a drone or a skydiving vehicle, if not for a combination of facts: it didn’t move and emitted no sound whatsoever.

The internet has of late been in a frenzy over a weird object hovering above the small California town of Menifee. Footage that first emerged on YouTube on 3 December, despite originally being shot on 19 October, sported a vast amount of lights, with the glow leading viewers to think it could be a drone lurking in the clouds.

On top of that, the object seemed to be silent, stuck on the horizon without changing its position, making conspiracy theorists likewise rule out skydivers. In the caption to the video, the uploader claim s the object, which many deemed to be some stealth craft, had seen by “over 100 witnesses".

“At one point, the huge UFO was just hovering in the same spot for over five minutes before it speeds off into the night sky", uploader UFOS & Aliens Santana wrote, while another suggested that if so, “then that is impressive footage".

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Credit: Sputnik News Video: UFOS & ALIENS SANTANA

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