Investigating a Tale of a Crashed UFO

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

“So, what do you think about the Berwyn Mountains UFO crash?” I was recently asked. The strange affair in question dates back to 1974 and the mountains of North Wales. And, it’s now time for me to answer that opening question. Back in the 1996-1999 period, when UFOs were all-dominating on the newsstands of the U.K., and when Mulder and Scully were still flying high, much page space was devoted to a strange and genuinely intriguing event that had occurred on a Welsh mountain one dark, winter night in January 1974.

For many people of a “The Truth Is Out There” persuasion (in the 1990s, at least), this curious affair was seen as being nothing less than a potential “British Roswell” – or a “Welsh Roswell” would be far more accurate. Stories of whistle-blower testimony collectively suggested that perhaps an alien spacecraft had crashed on North Wales’ Berwyn Mountains range. The craft and crew were said to have been retrieved undercover of the utmost secrecy by elements of the British military and government. And, I have to admit, that at the time in question (’96-’99) I was a fully paid up member of the “I Want To Believe” club, and I gave space to the incident in my books A Covert Agenda. I was most certainly not against the idea that E.T. might have really crashed and burned on the Berwyn all those years ago. But, times and minds change.

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UFO Down: The Berwyn Mountain UFO Crash

In 1958 Gavin Gibbons wrote a children's science-fiction novel By Space Ship to the Moon, which featured a UFO landing on Moel Sych in the Berwyn Mountains of North Wales. Sixteen years later, in a surreal case of life imitating art, those very same mountains would again be the focus for a story involving a downed UFO. But this time, some said, the story was for real.

Author: Andy Roberts


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