Is This a Fleet of UFOs off the Coast of North Carolina?

An odd piece of footage from North Carolina shows several mysterious balls of light silently hovering in the sky and some suspect that the weird sight could have been a fleet of UFOs. The intriguing footage was reportedly filmed by William Guy during a ferry ride across the Pimlico Sound last weekend. In the video, he first films a rather picturesque sunset unfolding over the water, then turns his camera to a cluster of 14 orbs n the sky and asks "what is that?"

The astonished observer goes on to note that "we're in the middle of the ocean on a ferry" and that there isn't any land nearby. Based on what can be heard of the chatter from fellow passengers on the ferry, it would appear that Guy was not the only one who noticed the wondrous scene as one person can be heard marveling that "you only see that stuff on TV!" In a comment on his YouTube page, Guy indicated that the lights disappeared and then returned a few minutes later.

As for what the anomalies could have been, some UFO enthusiasts have suggested that the footage shows a fleet of alien craft possibly making observations on the planet. A less fantastic possibility put forward by skeptical observers is that the lights were training flares being used for military exercises. With that in mind, what's your take on the puzzling footage?

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By Tim Binnall Coast To Coast AM: Video: William Guy - YouTube

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