Jimmy Church Interview With John Greenewald, Creator of The Black Vault

John Greenewald will be discussing his much anticipated new book: Inside the Black Vault and his recent documents and revelations about Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program “AATIP”, the Defence Intelligence Agency “DIA” and To The Stars Academy “TTSA”.

John began researching the secret inner workings of the U.S. Government in 1996 at the age of fifteen. He targeted such groups as the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Air Force, Army, Navy, NSA, DIA, and countless others. Greenewald utilized the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to thousands of records. He accumulated an astonishing number of documents on topics related to UFOs, the JFK Assassination, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and top secret aircraft.

Greenewald named his online archive “The Black Vault.” His teenage project turned into the largest private online collection anywhere in the world, with millions of pages of material. At the age of twenty-one, Greenewald published his first book, Beyond UFO Secrecy, in 2002. It was later put into a second expanded edition, and was re-published by Galde Press in January, 2008.

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UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed

The reality of UFO incursions at American nuclear weapons facilities has been convincingly established. Hundreds of U.S. military veterans now openly discuss these ominous incidents and thousands of declassified government documents affirm their assertions.

Starring: Captain Robert Salas, Robert Hastings

Available here:

By Jimmy Church, FADE TO BLACK Radio - YouTube (March 27, 2019)

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