President Jimmy Carter’s UFO Sighting

Jimmy Carter, a one term president in the 1970s, not only addressed the UFO phenomenon but also claimed to be a witness to it and his successor Ronald Reagan.

Back in 1969, Jimmy Carter claimed that he was getting ready for a speech at the Lions Club during his campaign for the governorship of Georgia when he became aware of a strange object hanging in the sky. He described the object as being at least as bright as the moon and changing color from blue to red and finally to white before it vanished suddenly from view.

Once he was elected as the governor, Carter filed a report about his unusual experience at the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma City. This triggered an investigation, but those working on the project could not get to the bottom of what he had seen and reported that the investigation was inconclusive. Some of the investigators believed that it was the planet, Venus, whereas others suspected that it could be a weather balloon. However, Carter himself believed that the investigators were wrong and that he had had a genuine UFO experience.

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