Purchase John Lennon’s Drawing of a UFO – He Believed in Flying Saucers

Now’s your chance to buy some of John Lennon’s rarest works. Four drawings that the late Beatles star created, along with six science fiction magazines that he owned, are being on March 30 – click here’s the link to the auction house:

Lennon sent the items to a friend from his early days in music, someone he met while performing with the Quarrymen, the group he founded before the Beatles, on July 6, 1957, in Liverpool, England.

As the story goes, Lennon was taking a break from the stage and happened to be flipping through a magazine about UFOs when he met a man who was also interested in the subject. The two kept in touch, sending each other letters, drawings and magazines for the rest of the musician’s short life.

Lennon died at 40, after being shot outside his New York City apartment on Dec. 8, 1980.

The stepson of Lennon’s friend has now put items the Beatle sent his stepfather up for sale through GWS Auctions.

Fans will notice that although these drawings are more like doodles, Lennon attended art school before his Beatles fame. It’s where he met classmate Cynthia Powell, who ended up being his first wife — and the subject of one of his drawings. In it, Cynthia is pictured with a UFO hovering over her head in a sketch that dates back to the late ’50s/early ’60s era, some time before the two divorced in 1968.

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John Lennon UFO: 1974

John Lennon UFO is the short dramatized story about the famous incident that happened to John Lennon and his girlfriend May Pang back in August of 1974. A UFO over New York was immortalized into one of his famous songs and this is the story behind it...

Author: Justin Tully

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By Raechal Shewfelt, Yahoo Finance

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