Rendlesham Forest experience from a member

Sometime in the early 90's, a friend and I went to Rendlesham Forest at the back of RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, UK. At the end of the runway, and to the right was a row of cottages where a lady lived on her own and was a witness to what had happened in 1980, the English version of Roswell in the States.

We had spoken to the lady about what had happened, and she categorically stated it was not a UFO but a shape under tarpaulin similar to a satellite as it had three big round pads for feet. At the time, she saw two bright lights similar to landing lights on a large helicopter similar to a Chinook, in her mind she was convinced that the helicopter had somehow managed to drop the object it was carrying underneath on a cable sling hence the object crashed on to the ground destroying a number of trees. She also stated that she saw another light in the distance that seemed to fade and get brighter, on investigation in that area we both saw a lighthouse at Orford Ness around 2 KMS away from Woodbridge Airfield. She then stated that Colonel Halt’s (RAF), MP Officers had approached her, and she was warned not to speak about what she saw and was banned from the public house just down the road from her and was also threatened with other forms of action being taken against her.

There is a little more about this. The report of radiation on the trees and on the ground was detected as this would happen with any object coming through the atmosphere due to the friction and heat of reentry to earth. Example, every time the spy plane SR-71 came earth it had to be decontaminated from radiation the same as any high-flying military aircraft above 60.000 feet so hence the radiation that was detected on the trees and on the ground in the circumference of the so-called UFO in Rendlesham Forest

The lady also mentioned other lights, red pulsating lights. Yes, there is the anti-collision red lights on the belly of all aircraft as well as the top of the fuselage, and rear of each wing and tail plain that pulsate, I see these each night spotting aircraft. So we only had a very limited time with this lady as we had travelled from Essex to Suffolk and there were military police patrolling inside and outside of the airbase. At the moment it is all I can think off but add more when I think of something else regarding this subject.

You may see what I am thinking of regarding the incident. A pure coverup for the USAF accident, and the object brought down by the US Air Force, in some way we believe it to be a laser beam from the shores of Orford Ness beach in Suffolk. As there were 3 huge slabs of concrete like sliding doors so to speak, that actually opened up as and when needed by the USAF.



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Credit: Aerial Photo - RAF Woodbridge WWII - Wikipedia

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