Russia’s Underwater UFOs

We have looked at Russia’s UFO files on several occasions, and from a number of different angles. We know, for example, that during the years of the Cold War, authorities would very much monitor and investigate UFO sightings, all while telling their own people that they were merely the results of weapons tests of the “evil United States and the West”.

One angle we haven’t examined in any particular detail are the claims of underwater UFOs, many of which would come to light through the research of Paul Stonehill, who is a Soviet-born researcher of all unusual phenomena, including UFOs (he is the director of the Russian UFOlogy Research Center). The collection of notes, files, and quotes from lectures and talks from which he was in attendance or from which he draws his research is extensive and, ultimately, invaluable. Particularly because, in Stonehill’s own words, “the (Soviet Navy) files have been largely inaccessible, even after the fall of the USSR”.

What follows, then, are “piece” accounts, partial records, and other encounters of an apparent otherworldly nature from behind the Iron Curtain, lest one day, further files or investigations provide more details to some of them, and ultimately, a fuller picture.

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RUSSIA'S ROSWELL INCIDENT: And Other Amazing UFO Cases From the Former Soviet Union

Much of the information about UFO's and Ufology in general appears to originate in the USA, but in this important new book, authors and researchers Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill provide some truly fascinating material from the still enigmatic country of Russia, including accounts from the former Soviet Union.

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By Marcus Lowth, UFO INSIGHT

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