The 1997 Phoenix Lights UFO Case Revisited

On the evening of March 13, 1997, the states of Arizona and Nevada would play host to one of the most fascinating and widely viewed events of recent history. Other sightings on the same evening were also reported in New Mexico and even south of the border in Sonora, Mexico. The incident is not only one of the most credible but one which boasts a (relative) wealth of footage and photographs. It was perhaps one of the first such encounters that played out in the Internet Age – albeit itself in its relative infancy – and as a result, the encounter not only became nationwide news but eventually caught the attention of the entire world.

In fact, so intense was the focus that politicians would even publicly comment on the incident, some playfully mockingly, others with a serious and determined tone. The fact there was a need to acknowledge such an apparently bizarre incident in the first place, however, is perhaps telling in itself. In all, the number of witnesses to the events was in the hundreds for a conservative estimate, although many researchers boldly state thousands of people viewed the events as they unfolded.

Incidentally, and perhaps itself a testament to the uniqueness of the incident, the initial reports of the sightings come from two different time zones of the United States (Pacific Time and Mountain Time). All times shown throughout, and for our ease here, are all Mountain Time – the time zone of the majority of the sightings and bulk of the incident – unless, of course, otherwise mentioned.

Before we delve in, though, check out the short video below. One of the many pieces of footage of the strange events of March 1997.

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The Phoenix Lights - Beyond Top Secret

This UFO event was seen by over 10,000 eyewitnesses including the Governor of Arizona and tracked on military radar. This event is proof that there is an extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

Starring Edgar Mitchell, PhD, Lynne Kitei, MD, Jim Dilettoso

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Credit: Marcus Lowth, UFO INSIGHT, Video: High Tec Reviews YouTube

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