The Alien Accounts of Whitley Strieber

From UFO Insight - All alien encounters are intriguing. And some of the most credible have come from people of the world’s populace who are just everyday folk, previously unknown to all but their friends and families. However, when someone a little more well-known – a celebrity for want of a better word – comes forward with such an account, the story travels much further.

And, at least to begin with, those outside of the UFO community appear to take these “celebrity accounts” a little more seriously. That is certainly the case of author, Whitley Strieber, who with several successful horror novels behind him and a bright future ahead, began experiencing incidents that would change his life forever during Christmas 1985.

Beginning in the family’s isolated log cabin in the picturesque woodlands of upstate New York, and then continuing at the family’s apartment in New York City, the encounters of Whitley Strieber would result in several books, many claims, and a divided opinion in UFO circles. Indeed, many today are wary of the claims made by Strieber, and what his motivation might be.

Regardless, they are certainly intriguing, and most definitely worth our examination. And still of importance to the UFO and alien question. Incidentally, the beginnings of these incidents would result in the book, and ultimately the film Communion. The book is most certainly recommended reading (if only to gain Strieber’s perspective) and you can check out a trailer for the movie below.

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The film continues to be a controversial film for anyone with a closed mind. At the time it was made, as filmmakers we had to fight for the right to make it ambiguous and agnostic in regard to the issue of an alien presence.

Book and Screenplay: Whitley Strieber

By Marcus Lowth, UFO Insight

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