The Mysterious Case of Paul Bennewitz, Businessman and UFO Investigator

From Coast To Coast AM - George Knapp and UFO Investigator Christian Lambright discuss the case of Paul Bennewitz.

The mysterious case of Paul Bennewitz, in which he became a victim of a govt. disinformation program, when he revealed he'd captured footage and strange signals relating to unusual craft at Kirtland AFB, outside of Albuquerque. Bennewitz (who died in 2003) was a successful Albuquerque businessman who had contracts with military agencies, and was initially considered credible. He first became interested in the cattle mutilation mystery, which led to his fascination with UFOs, and in 1979, he started recording film of mysterious craft at Kirtland from the roof of his house. He described seeing glowing spots over a period of minutes, followed by a sudden flash, with objects then taking off suddenly and flying around the mountain, low enough to evade radar Lambright recounted.

Credit: George Knapp, Coast To Coast AM Official

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