The Newport Chemical Depot UFO Incident - 1994

A report of UFO activity over the Newport Chemical Depot from September 1994 is another example of not only such activity over a secretive government facility, but it also represents another attempt if we accept the claims to be true, to suppress the incident amid veiled threats of losing jobs and receiving public ridicule.

Indeed, so effective are these efforts of suppression of information, at least concerning this incident, that one of the witnesses to the events still refuses to speak of it or even accept to himself that it even happened.

Furthermore, there is little, if any doubt that many other sightings might be picked from the vines of time stretching back the start of the modern UFO era that is otherwise unknown and locked within the minds of the respective, and secret witnesses, lest they or those close to them succumb to one unfortunate turn of events or another. And such a notion, by definition, is impossible to prove as these “secret witnesses” simply go unnoticed and their account unknown.

With that in mind, then, this account, as seemingly uneventful as it might appear compared to others, very much deserves its place in the ever-flowing ocean of UFO incidents. And each such account, albeit slowly, helps to build up an overall bigger picture. This will one day assist us in unlocking the mysteries of these strange sightings and encounters.

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Credit: Marcus Lowth, UFO INSIGHT; Video: Nick Pope, New York Post

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