The Reigate, England UFO Incident

Although it is little spoken of today, in March 1988 came a UFO sighting that not only had multiple witnesses but was confirmed on the radar systems at Gatwick Airport. Furthermore, motorway security CCTV cameras would capture almost forty minutes of the incident on video. It would appear to UFO investigators that video evidence of alien crafts was finally at hand.

However, the film was quickly classified, and perhaps would have remained secret had it not been for the leaking of several still frames from the footage by one of the UFO Investigators involved with the case. Just what did happen that evening over the M25 just outside of London? And did the incident share a connection to the several other UFO sightings of the early months of 1988?

It certainly seems that whatever did take place that evening in the south of England, it was of apparent importance to those in high-ranking positions. And, as we will examine shortly, continues to remain so even today.

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UFOs: Britain's Secret Files

Nick Pope ran the Secret U.F.O Files of Great Britain for twenty years. Pope was the chief U.F.O. investigator with access to all manner of secret information for both military and commercial purposes. In this extraordinary documentary, Pope for the first time since leaving the M.O.D, goes on the record and spells out his beliefs while revealing the scope of his incredible insider knowledge.

Credit: Marcus Lowth, UFO INSIGHT

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