The Scientist Who Coined the Phrase “Close Encounter of the Third Kind”

From MailOnline: Forty-five years before the catchphrase, The Truth is Out There, was on the tip of many tongues, a man searched for scientific explanations for the inexplicable lights and objects that streaked and whizzed and zoomed across the night sky.

Dr J. Allen Hynek was no Fox Mulder but rather the real deal: an accomplished astronomer the United States government tasked to help figure out what was happening in the skies after World War II.

In the late 1940s, ‘flying saucer’ reports flooded in from across the country and the air force had no idea what to do with them. Hynek, a professor, was asked to consult for the air force’s Project Sign, which was to investigate them.

Initially, the man of science pegged the sightings as a fad, a manifestation of a country suffering from the aftereffects of the war and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But as the unidentified flying object reports continued unabated, Hynek went from labeling them ‘sheer nonsense’ to calling for the phenomenon to be scientifically studied to declaring that he saw UFOs twice. In the process, he satisfied neither side of the UFO debate.

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The Hynek UFO Report

In "The Hynek UFO Report," Dr. Hynek presents his own expert, detailed analysis of the classified files of Project Blue Book - data that was only recently made public. He covers such vital aspects of the UFO experience as:

Author: J. Allen Hynek

Credit: Dusica Sue Malesevic for

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