The Travis Walton Alien Abduction

The abduction of (then) 22-year-old Travis Walton in the winter of 1975 is perhaps one of the most well-known of such encounters. Not least due to Walton’s story resulting in a book and then the movie – Fire In The Sky. It is also, perhaps ironically, this monetary “compensation” enjoyed by Walton that has led some to cast doubt on the incident, with several investigators claiming the account is nothing but a hoax. In September 2017, Walton would defend himself against such claims. Walton did fail one lie-detector test, he has passed no less than sixteen others. The main witnesses to the incident also passed their lie-detector tests, and furthermore, it is hard to see what each of the men would have to gain by supporting an apparent hoax.

It remains a case that fascinates most and divides opinion in others. It is potentially, however, barring any kind of proof or admission of fabricated or manufactured events, one of the most important incidents of its kind. And certainly, one of the most documented and investigated. The case is not only intriguing in its own right, it opens up other avenues and areas of concern regarding the UFO and alien question. Not least, the apparent rabid nature of skeptics, or perhaps even those that use skepticism as a shield to issue disinformation and cover over whatever truth might be available.

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Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton

The film recounts the most well-documented alien abduction case of all time. Meet the real people portrayed in the film "Fire in the Sky". A logging crew encounters a mysterious craft. As one of the crew members investigates the object, a light beam that knocks him unconscious. Days later, he returns with a story that shakes the world.

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Credit: Marcus Lowth, UFO INSIGHT, Video: Near Death Experiment - YouTube

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