The US Government’s Secret Collection of UFO Physical Evidence

THE US government has secretly collected UFO "physical evidence" and "wreckage", according to Fox News' Tucker Carlson. The TV host, 50, claims that top sources have told him about a stash of proof that would change people's perspective on the existence of aliens.

Carlson believes that the "recovered" evidence could explain sightings of a mystery aircraft, reported by civilians and airmen, Metro reported. He made the controversial claims while speaking to Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator at the British Ministry of Defence, in an episode of Ancient Aliens.

While the mainstream presenter did not reveal the identity of his source, he did claim it was someone he thought was "knowledgeable in the subject." Carlson said: "There is physical evidence that the US government is holding which would tell us a lot more about what these objects are. "The person who told me is someone who worked on this within the government for many years who would know.

"I asked point-blank: 'Is there physical evidence of these objects, these aircraft?' And he said: 'Yes, there is.'" Pope went onto ask him if the "evidence" he was referring to was the wreckage of a UFO, to which Carlson replied: "That is correct."

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Credit: Josh Saunders, The Scottish Sun; Video: Tucker Carlson US Navy Confirms UFO Videos.. – Fox News, YouTube

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Encounter in Rendlesham Forest

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