The USS Nimitz UFO Incident - Interview With Witness Kevin Day

Kevin Day joins Martin Willis for an in-depth discussion on what happened off the coast of San Diego in 2004 involving the USS Nimitz and USS Princeton. Kevin is witness to the USS Nimitz TIC-TAC UFO Incident.

Kevin Day, is a retired United States Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer. A former Operations Specialist and TOPGUN Air Intercept Controller with more than 20 year’s experience in Strike Group air defence including war-time operations. He is an expert operator of the highly advanced SPY-1 radar system with years of service onboard AEGIS equipped ships including the USS Vincennes, USS Chosin, and USS Princeton. Kevin has logged hundreds of air-to-air intercepts of suspect aircraft in both training and war-time operations.

It was Kevin's team in USS Princeton’s Combat Information Centre that discovered the fleets of anomalous air contacts, now known as the TIC TAC UFOs, in the sky's above the Southern California Operating Area in November 2004. Because the unidentified air contacts were in too close a proximity to the Nimitz Strike Group while they were conducting at-sea training exercises and represented a potential hazard to safe flight operations, Kevin recommended investigating the contacts with a pair of F/A 18 Super Hornets launched from the USS NIMITZ. The NIMITZ Strike Group's Air Defence Commander concurred and Kevin's team conducted the now famous intercept. Interestingly, it was to become Kevin's very last tactical intercept, prior to his retirement.

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The Nimitz Encounters

On the morning of November 14th, 2004 90 miles off the coast of California near San Diego, the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group was conducting routine training and aerial defense exercises. UFO craft would appear that forever changed all of those that encountered them.

Starring: Bob Hite, Wilson Hawthorne, Kevin Day

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Credit: Host Martin Willis – Martin Willis Live Shows - YouTube

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