Top Secret Government Files – Defence Chiefs ‘Can’t Rule Out’ Idea of ET Visitation

From The Sun -- Defence chiefs "can't rule out the idea" that aliens were visiting or observing earth and must “keep an open mind”, top secret documents obtained by Sun Online reveal.

The files, which have not yet been released to the public, also reveal how intelligence and defence chiefs within the Ministry of Defence were “at war” about whether to investigate UFOs. The MoD decided to release all its UFO-related documents in 2008 - and all were made public apart from two, which have now been seen by Sun Online. In one bombshell file, radar experts state: "...we cannot rule out entirely the idea of extra-terrestrial observation/visitation, either covert or overt”.

“Our current policy to retain an open mind on these matters is therefore probably correct."

In another 1997 report MoD intelligence officers state: "The only logical conclusion that we can come to is that we do not know if UAPs [unidentified aerial phenomena] represent a threat to the defence of the realm. "We cannot eliminate the possibility."

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UFOs: Britain's Secret Files

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By Emma Parry, THE Sun #UFO #UFOs #Alien #Disclosure

Credit: Pixabay

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