Top UFO Spots In the UK

1. Liverpool - Is the UK's top alien sighting hotspot. Police in Merseyside have had 13 calls regarding UFO sightings since 2013, more than anywhere else in the UK. While the alien group Mutual UFO Network claim that they have received 17 reports of UFOs being seen across Liverpool in 2016. And in 2015, a Ryanair flight delayed landing due to sighting a UFO over the River Mersey.

2. Wiltshire - Crop circle formations and UFO sightings have been reported in and around Warminster in western Wiltshire since the 1950s. Farmers have discovered crop circles on their land and locals have captured on camera strange lights, flying saucers and noises. There are also claims of these UFOs killing flocks of pigeons and causing cars to fail.

3. Bonnybridge - This small Scottish town is one of the most visited places in the world for UFO sightings. An average of 300 sightings are claimed per year, and everything from alien ships landing to unexplained balls of light have apparently been spotted. Now somewhat of an alien tourist trap, local Councillor Billy Buchanan has requested the last three Prime Ministers to do an official investigation into these UFO spottings. So far, none have agreed.


By Peter Paget (Author)

UFO UK Updated, is a riveting read, detailing the extraordinary experiences of pre-internet, regular folk across the UK, who faithfully reported their experiences. It complements Peter's book, The Welsh Triangle Revisited, which focused on a series of UFO sightings in South Wales, also recently updated and republished

4. Staffordshire - UFOs aren't just aliens - as werewolves, pigmen, black-eyed children and even Big Foot himself have reportedly been spotted in the area of Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. There's even a blog dedicated to sightings at this Area of Outstanding Beauty and in 2015 several hundred local residents claimed to see a UFO spaceship hover over the area.

5. Broad Haven - Alien sightings go as far back to the 1970's in this Welsh seaside town. Local school children claimed to see a UFO spaceship land while other locals have claimed to see little silver men and flying saucers. Although some of these claims have been partly debunked (apparently secret military training was to account for some of the sightings) people still visit Broad Haven throughout the year in the hope of spotting a UFO, and there are even locally run UFO tours available.


Special Thanks to Peter Oliver

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