TV Producer Sues ‘CIA Scientist’ in UFO Cover-up

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Robert Kiviat, who has produced hit TV shows on UFOs and the unexplained, has filed a lawsuit in California against CIA scientist Ron Pandolfi, who ran the CIA’s “Weird Desk” and his former employer InterNASA.

Kiviat is seeking $300,000 (around £229,530) in unpaid salary he says InterNASA - the advanced physics research firm backed by Pandolfi and the CIA - owed him, according to his lawsuit filed in Orange County, California.

He also hopes his legal action will allow him to expose the inner workings of the CIA's alleged "disinformation" schemes he says are designed to influence and confuse the public about UFOs by manipulating researchers.

He told Sun Online: “Not only am I seeking to be paid for what I am owed legally for my dedicated efforts, but the suit has the added value of exposing the way the US intelligence agencies have manipulated the UFO community and overall, the general public for years.

"And to put it mildly, it stinks, many good people have been damaged and it has to stop.”

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