U.S. Navy is Granted a Patent on Aircraft Similar to Recent UFO Sightings

The U.S. Navy patented a technology that could bend the laws of physics

Theoretical tech would allow the craft to travel through air, water, and space

By creating a 'quantum bubble' the craft could achieve 'extreme speeds'

Descriptions of the craft are similar to recent UFO sightings by the U.S. Navy

A letter from the U.S. Navy states that China is 'investing heavily' in the tech

The U.S. Navy has been assigned a patent on an aerospace technology that is eerily similar to a string of UFOs described by fighter pilots.

A technology patented by an aerospace engineer working at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) describes a 'hybrid' craft that is capable of flying at breakneck speeds in the air, water, and even space using an unprecedented electromagnetic propulsion system.

As reported by The Drive, when looking over a patent on the technology, an examiner for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office responded with skepticism that such a craft exists only to receive a personal letter from the Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Navy, who explained that Chinese researchers are 'investing significantly' in the craft.

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