UFO Cluster Caught on Film – St Louis, Minnesota

A puzzling video filmed in Minnesota appears to show an oddly-shaped cluster of UFO hovering in the night sky. The footage was filmed earlier this week in the city of St. Louis Park and subsequently popped up online a few days later. And, as is often the case, the footage was quickly picked up by a bevy of YouTube channels devoted to the showcasing the latest UFO sightings filmed around the world.

In the video, a total of twelve lights can be seen in the sky seemingly in a stationary position. What makes this particular piece of footage interesting is that the cluster of UFOs appears to be in some kind of formation that may best be described as being shaped like a Christmas stocking. Unfortunately, the footage comes to an end after a mere thirty seconds and without any indication of how the sighting concluded.

Be that as it may, the curious collection of inexplicable lights captured the imagination of some UFO enthusiasts who have suggested that they were not individual craft, but merely part of a larger ship that is cloaked. More skeptical observers have argued that the oddities were probably a drone formation or perhaps part of a light show of which we only got to see thirty seconds and so the video just seemed unusual because it was out of context. What's your take on the footage? Give us your comments below…

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By Tim Binnall, Coast To Coast AM, Video: Netzaid Vazquez Diaz - YouTube

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