UFO Fans in Indonesia – ET’s Should be Taken Seriously

Just 13,000 strong, Indonesian Facebook group of believers in alien life, Beta-UFO, are up against a widespread belief in ghosts in a nation of 265 million.

Beta-UFO members believe it is time to take the possibility of extraterrestrial life seriously.

“We live in a time where many countries, such as China and India, are focused on

space exploration, including the possibility of life out there,” says Michael, who thinks Indonesia needs to play a part too.

The Beta-UFO group, initially established in 1997 as a mailing list, has seen Indonesian interest in UFOs expand over the last two decades. Since its inception, founder Nur Agustinus has worked to bring UFOs into mainstream conversation. His community has published fanzines dedicated to UFOs, conducted surveys and held regular gatherings and seminars where senior members of the group pass on their knowledge to a younger generation.

Beta-UFO members actively blog and vlog on YouTube. The group’s website,, includes an exhaustive list of hundreds of UFO sightings around Indonesia, from 1883 until the present.

Despite members’ enthusiasm, their 265 million fellow Indonesians remain largely indifferent to UFOs. They take more of an interest in equally mysterious matters – the occult.

“Indonesians are often skeptical [about UFOs and aliens], not because of scientific reasoning but because they are more inclined to think that any unexplained happening must involve the mystical,” says Agustinus, who is a psychologist. “For them, it is easier to believe in ghosts.”

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By Marcel Thee, South China Morning Post – Video: South China Morning Post

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