UFO Incident in Kera, Japan is Reopened After Being Retold in a Comic Strip

This is a little-known case in the west, an incident in the Kera region of Kochi City in Japan in the early-1970s is not only one of the most debated in the country, but a case that would leave behind physical evidence.

It is also a case, even in its native Japan, that was not widely discussed, however, until the early twenty-first century, over three decades after it occurred, when it was retold as a comic strip in a UFO magazine. Bizarrely, this retelling would ultimately lead to the case being reopened and reinvestigated.

It is a truly interesting account in that while there are cases with some similar aspects, this appears to be a rather unique encounter. Not least due to the several photographs the witnesses would take of the craft, as well as the number of adults who would corroborate the strange device, at least for a time, being in their possession.

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UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record

No one yet knows what these objects are, even though they affect aviation safety and possibly national security. The phenomenon has been officially acknowledged by numerous foreign governments. For these reasons and many others, Leslie Kean concludes that the UFO problem must be more widely recognized and ultimately solved through an unbiased scientific investigation.

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By Marcus Lowth, UFO INSIGHT Video: UFO in Japan, HISTORY, YouTube

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