UFO Metals - George Knapp Interview With Dr. Hal Puthoff

Dr. Hal Puthoff, revealed what prompted the Department of Defense to initiate a seven-year UFO study. Puthoff described his background beginning as Naval Intelligence officer working for the NSA, to his studies in laser technology, and eventually as a pioneer in the study of remote viewing at the behest of the CIA in the mid-1970s. He defended the recent revelations of apparent government UFO disclosure and his role in Tom DeLonge’s UFO research organization as an effort to "put some sunshine on this area and get it out, so that it’s no longer a subject of ridicule."

Puthoff discussed the recently released videos of apparent anomalous objects, and supporting evidence surrounding them, such as radar records and pilot descriptions. He said he had examined one of the pieces of metal that was announced in the Times article and described it as "layers of various kinds of materials that you wouldn't expect to be put together" as well as the unusual properties that are gained from this unknown method of materials engineering.

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Mind-Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities

Mind-Reach is the book that led to the U. S. Army's psychic spy program and the subsequent prominence of remote viewing. The protocols that physicists Targ and Puthoff developed at the Stanford Research Institute are still in use today and have proven again and again in laboratory settings that psychic ability is universal

Authors: Russell Targ, Dr. Harold E. Puthoff

Credit: George Knapp, Coast To Coast AM - YouTube

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