UFO Sighting in Auckland, New Zealand – Terrifies Couple

A bizarre 'UFO' sighting at a west Auckland has left a couple terrified.

The person was at Karekare Beach on Sunday 31 March when they had the "craziest experience" - "strange lights in the sky".

"We were on the beach, my boyfriend and I, and saw two bright orange/red lights far on the other end of the beach," ufomystery123 posted to Reddit. "In a matter of seconds, one of the lights started moving at full speed, in a straight line, no more than 200m above the water until directly in front of us. "The UFO had changed from having a red light to a bright white light, somewhat like a torch, shining directly at us."

After two minutes the strange object moved away, flying "incredibly fast and with perfect precision" until it disappeared. But this wasn't the end to the strange occurrences. "We were lying down looking at the stars for a while and then stood up to leave, before realizing there were five surrounding us in different areas of the beach," they posted. "One of them was flying up and down and another from side to side. The others were just still switching between red and white spotlights.

"This was when we decided to leave, scared shitless."

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By Scott Palmer, Newshub

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