UFO Sighting Over England

A pair of pilots in two separate aircraft reportedly spotted a UFO, in a curious incident in the skies over England last week. The intriguing dual sighting reportedly occurred on Thursday evening (14 February) as two Air Midwest aircraft were flying toward the city of Gloucester. The company initially mentioned the odd event in passing on their Facebook page and subsequently provided additional details after their UFO revelation garnered considerable interest from people online.

According to Air Midwest, the encounter took place as two of their aircraft were "conducting night navigation exercises." At around 8:15 in the evening, the pilots in both planes saw "one red and one orange light in the sky south of Gloucester." One of the aircraft attempted to intercept the puzzling lights to determine their nature, but this pursuit proved to be futile as the mysterious anomaly managed to evade the plane.

A first-hand account from one of the pilots described the oddities as two "large square orange lights. One on top of each but slightly offset." The witness noted that one of the lights stayed consistently orange while the other "occasionally flicked white." Strangely, the pilot also reported that, on two occasions during the incident, "I observed 5 orange lights but that was momentary." Ultimately, neither of the pilots were able to determine what, exactly, they had just seen.

A few days after sharing the UFO sighting with the public, the company once again took to Facebook to express amazement at the attention that the story had received. They went on to stress that they were not claiming that the pilots had "encountered an extraterrestrial situation," but did say that the two witnesses did observe "unexplained airborne lights that defied our normal expectation of standard aircraft or meteorological activity." Remarkably, Air Midwest also pointed out that the two pilots were highly experienced and had "over 25,000 flying hours between them," yet were still baffled by what they saw.

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Credit: Air Midwest, Coast To Coast AM

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