UFO Spotted in California – Video

A curious piece of footage circulating online shows a glowing snake-like anomaly hovering in the sky, but not everyone is convinced that the odd flying object is from out of this world. The video was reportedly taken by a YouTube user named Cody Kennedy, who was exploring the desert outside of Twentynine Palms, California in the hopes of filming some rattlesnakes for his channel. While returning from the excursion, he and his friends were stunned to see "a bright long bar in the sky that was moving."

Since they were already out on an adventure, the group decided to pursue the mysterious sight in the hopes of identifying what it was or, at the very least, capturing some cool footage of the oddity. "We drove over to it, got under it and filmed it," Kennedy explained. In the video from the sighting, the mysterious object almost resembles a fluorescent tube wafting in the air and occasionally flickering. Kennedy's friends can be heard marveling at the weird sight and, in what is a familiar soundtrack to most UFO sightings, offering suggestions for what they were watching.

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By Tim Binnall, Coast To Coast AM | Video credit: Pen News/Cody Kennedy

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