UFOs Exist – Insists Florida Community

A woman in Kissimmee reports seeing aliens in her back yard to a "Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network" and receives support from former NASA employees.

Trish Bishop says she documented the encounter with the nationwide organization's Florida chapter.

Under the case number 84886, Bishop's sightings happened in March 2013 when a glow and holographic looking man hid behind a nearby tree. She described him as 6-foot-3, muscular and wearing a tan colored uniform. Bishop also claims he turned his back and ran towards a UFO.

This unbelievable story isn't the only one documented. The group titled MUFON also in Florida has 118 members and is organized by former NASA employees and engineers. Across the U.S. 3,500 people joined and meet often to discuss new reports filed.

The Pentagon launched an Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification program run by military intelligence official Luis Elizondo to observe "unknown objects." NASA Ames Research Center say, "they investigate all explanations in its approach to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, known as SETI." They declined to comment further on reports filed, reported, researched and reviewed.

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UFOs and Military Intelligence

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