Unsolved: 25 Years Ago, Hundreds of People Reported Seeing UFOs Along Lake Michigan

DETROIT – The eerie lights filled the sky along nearly 200 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.

On March 8, 1994, calls flooded 911 to report strange sightings in the night sky. The reports came in from all walks of life — from police and a meteorologist to residents of Michigan's many beach resorts. Hundreds of people witnessed what many insisted were UFOs.

Cindy Pravda, 63, of Grand Haven remembers that night in vivid detail — four lights in the sky that looked like "full moons" over the line of trees behind her horse pasture. "I got UFOs in the backyard," she told a friend on the phone. Today, the mystery remains unsolved, but it continues to fascinate extraterrestrial researchers, psychologists and history buffs alike.

Pravda still believes the lights were UFOs.

"I watched them for half an hour. Where I'm facing them, the one on the far left moved off. It moved to the highway and then came back in the same position," Pravda told the Free Press on Thursday. "The one to the right was gone in blink of an eye and then, eventually, everything disappeared quickly." She still lives in the same house and continues to talk about that night. "I'm known as the UFO lady of Grand Haven," Pravda said with a laugh.

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The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection

Written by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, one of the most respected voices in UFO research, this is a riveting page-turner, packed with information. It tells the real story of why America’s leading intelligence agencies have been genuinely concerned about UFOs, and why the “problem of UFOs” is unlikely to go away any time soon.

Author: Dr. Bruce Maccabee, PhD

By Dejanay Booth, Detroit Free Press

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