Was There a UFO Hiding in the Background of a Live NASA ISS Spacewalk?

NASA seemingly cut short a live video of astronauts working outside of the International Space Station (ISS) just as viewers thought they'd spotted an alien object in the background.

The suspected 'UFO sighting' caused a frenzy online and now some people think they've discovered the 'real' reason for Nasa cancelling the all female spacewalk.

The presenter of popular conspiracy channel Secureteam10 Tyler Glockner reported on the incident and said: "This is yet another example of NASA cutting the live feed after a UFO was spotted while one of the astronauts is out doing their spacewalk. "The UFO appears just above the Earth’s horizon line and I want you guys to notice that, up until the UFO appears, the video feed is pretty stable." Glockner went on to explain that as soon as the object appears, the video is cut and the astronauts appear to be none the wiser. He thinks this is because "either the astronaut doesn’t see it, or there is a delay in communication, so they just cut the feed".

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By Charlotte Edwards, The Sun

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