We May Have Missed Alien Signals From UFO Sightings

NASA and Harvard physicists claimed that the hunt for other forms of life outside Earth may require entertaining extreme possibilities because we may have missed alien signals from UFO sightings.

According to Avi Loeb from Harvard, "Aliens are not science fiction." He added that not discussing aliens is a crime as it is not just speculation much like extra dimensions and dark matter.

Silvano P. Colombano of NASA’s Ames Research Center, on the other hand, suggested that there is a chance that the world may have missed alien signals in its hunt for UFOs. He claimed that intelligence and form of life on Earth might just be the first step in continuous evolution. This means that there could be superior forms of intelligence, considerably more advanced than that of Earth, and that they may not be based on the same carbon “machinery.”

Although it is within reason to think that life most likely came from the same conditions as it did on Earth, Colombano explained that we might have to consider that intelligence that might find us and vice versa may not be the same "carbon-based organisms like us.” This also reduces the chances of matching technologies since there are vast time differences in the evolution continuum.

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Credit: Precious Silva, International Business Times / Video: Harry Reid – 8 News Now

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